Zero Akuma
Rarity S
Number C075
BP 1500
SP +0
Backup : Akuma

Exclu: Trade ONLY

Advice : Special ability: has 1500 BP at the start. That's good enough for anyone to want one of these (or Geese) in their decks. I remember the fear I felt when facing this crazy monster in Cyberbots (Capcom's best robot 2D fighting game!), and you will too when you see it in this game. Even though it gives 0 SP, it's 1500 points of power and can be piloted by Akuma! If there is any downside to this, it's that Zero Gouki will be a big target for guys like Wild Iori, Evil Ryu, and Akuma himself (who you need to obtain Zero Akuma).

Who got these card ? froggy25, Picta, DenSteve, kenitenma

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