Rarity S
Number C078
BP 300
SP +2

Solar Cane
For this turn, the next AC card you use is free of SP cost.
Backup : Al & Iven, Mai Ling

Exclu: Versus ONLY

Advice : Despite being the most well-known Warzard character, she's very weak. Despite her rank, she doesn't even have a decent ability. It's nice that you can get a free AC use and conserve SP, but by the time you obtain Tessa, you probably won't need to. What's worse is that she can only be randomly won from a game-link VS battle. The only reason I can think of having her in a deck is if you build one around her filled with 0 SP characters, AC cards, and Saki. You never want to take the risk in filling your deck with AC cards though. What do you think would happen if your starting hand were all ACs?

Who got these card ? froggy25

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