Rarity C
Number C105
BP 200
SP +0

Resident Evil
KO's this character and turns another character into a zombie card.
Backup : L.Raptor, Zombie, Zombie

Advice : A somewhat funny card. Zombies carry and infect enemy cards with their T-Virus (BioHazard, the Japanese name of the Resident Evil series), which means they can turn your cards into Zombies, which means you can use the T-Virus again... Eventually somebody decks themselves if no ACs are played. On the plus side, if you don't want to do this, you can just use them as back-up bait, or even back them up with other Zombies.

Who got these card ? webmaster, froggy25, Picta, josemwarrior, DenSteve, kenitenma

Comments : none

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