Rarity A
Number S011
BP 800
SP +2

Face Off
Freeze any other character than this one.
Backup : Goenitz, Mature, Vice

Advice : 800 BP, 2 SP, and can Freeze an enemy character once he's played. First, he's got very good stats. Second, his ability is most useful near the end and beyond since you can open a path to the enemy's HP and you've got strong cards ready to attack. Third, is the warning. NOTE: Yamazaki WILL Freeze someone when he enters. If there is NO ONE in the enemy ring, he WILL freeze a teammate. If there is no one in the ring except himself, no one gets frozen. If you target an already-frozen card, nothing will happen (they do not get un-frozen, and they do not get 'Double Frozen').

Who got these card ? froggy25, Picta, DenSteve

Comments : none

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