Rarity B
Number S025
BP 600
SP +1

Discards entire hand to pick 1 card from your deck. That card is your new hand. Shuffle deck.
Backup : Mai, Yuri

Advice : new hand. Shuffle deck. I love this Mui-Thai kickboxing bar-owner (as do about 9 other cards - possibly a support record), but her ability is somewhat #annoying#. It's great that you can pick any card you want from your deck to put in your hand (unlike the Management AC which works only for ACs or Saki which only works for characters), but it'll cost you your entire hand. Unlike Saki & Management, you don't have to show off which card you picked. If you can live with that, then King is a great card to have. Not only will you get a card you may desperatly need, she has 600 BP and even gives an SP. Plus, you may want this KoF Women's Team captain of six consecutive years just for back-up purposes.

Who got these card ? froggy25, Picta, DenSteve, kenitenma

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