Rarity D
Number S047
BP 300
SP +4

Exorcism Card
Disables all characters' abilities.
Backup : Gaira, Retsu, Donovan

Advice : The monk known as Caffiene Nicotine isn't just a funny name. He's also a decent card. 300 BP is passable and the 4 SP is plentiful, but being able to stop attacks like M.Arachnid and S.Dynamite? The hardest part is giving Nicotine a rating; his stats are good in the early and mid-game, but his ability is more useful in annoying people in the mid-game and beyond, when they have all those abilities that can screw you over like S-Upper. Nicotine is still a good low-level card, and you can always use Anakaris to mute everyone's abilities. NOTE: This will prevent YOUR characters from using abilities too.

Who got these card ? webmaster, froggy25, Picta, DenSteve, kenitenma

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