Rarity D
Number S049
BP 400
SP +1

Ends all characters' Freeze Phase.
Backup : Nicotine, Retsu, Donovan

Advice : A fairly poor card. 400 BP isn't shabby, but he only gives 1 SP and his Shout! will awaken even your opponent's frozen cards, allowing them to defend your attacks. There are only 2 reasons to have Gaira. You have a lot of cards with abilities, they'd get to use them twice in a round if you play Gaira (same if you used a Fight! card). Or you have him back-up some of the less 'blah' cards. I'd rather have Kyoko or a Fight! AC.

Who got these card ? webmaster, froggy25, Picta, DenSteve, kenitenma

Comments : none

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