Rarity C
Number S065
BP 400
SP +2

Decreases 1 other character's life by 200.
Backup : Heidern, Ralf, Clark

Advice : Leona's ability is very handy: cut someone on the other side down a notch. She also makes good back-up fodder along with her Ikari comrades; all except Heidern have 400 BP. It doesn't really matter who gets on the field first (although Leona and Heidern obviously have the nice abilities you want to exploit), they can all back each other up. NOTE: Be careful when playing Leona. If there are no enemies, Leona WILL have to attack a teammate. She can be played when the field is empty, but her ability won't activate.

Who got these card ? webmaster, froggy25, Picta, josemwarrior, DenSteve, kenitenma

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