Rarity A
Number S077
BP 700
SP +2

Returns one other character to its original owner's hand.
Backup : Shermie, Chris

Advice : Team Orochi LIVES. Yashiro is one of the greatest cards available since he can set up a strong offense, stall the enemy, AND he has very good stats himself. The Orochi of the Earth is great to use to open up a path to the enemy's HP, to send a powered up character back into their hand, to out-number your opponent, or even to send a wounded/useful ally back to your own hand to reuse (ie: KYO or AKUMA). Try not to send back a card like Akuma back to your enemy though. NOTE: Yashiro MUST activate counterblow if there are other cards in the ring. If the enemy has no cards, you must then target your own. Yashiro can still enter if both sides are empty.

Who got these card ? froggy25, Picta

Comments : none

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