Number A031
SP -5
Select a character whose BP you want to change. Select the top card

Advice : f your's or the enemy's pile. BP of the character becomes equal to that card's value. KO's character if a non-character is on top. (*«) Take a gamble on turning Kuroko into Wan-Fu? Might be a good thing. In CFC2, I've seen the CPU use this card 4 times as well, but they play it smarter. They targetted one of MY high BP cards and forced me to draw. Twice I drew an AC (one of those times the CPU forced me to put one on top of my pile), once I drew a weaker card, and once I drew a card of similar BP. This AC still requires a lot of set-up to use effectively, such as Mischief or Saki or Hotaru, but if you have 5 SP to spare and want to take a shot at weakening a power-player, go for it.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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