Number A051
SP -4
During this turn, you can use more than one back-up card.

Advice : Tron & Kobuns are great if you have Q-Bee or Vega/M.Bison on-hand. Since those two cards summon both their back-ups into you hand, you can play them, use Activate! to bypass the '1 back-up per turn' rule and use both their back-ups right away. The ultimate use of this card is if you managed to SP Partner both of them, regardless if you had Option in your ring. On that same turn, you can Activate! and start backing everybody up at once. NOTE: This does not break the individual card's back-up limit; i.e., Vega/M.Bison can only be backed up by ONE Juni & ONE Juli card.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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