Cammy (D)
Rarity S
Number C017
BP 600
SP +3

Put a card from your opponent's hand at the top/bottom of their pile.
Backup : Vega (M.Bison), Chun Li, Sakura

Advice : Wow, what an upgrade. Cammy (D) should be in almost every deck just because of the chaos she can cause. She doesn't force someone to discard a good card, but puts it at the bottom (or top) of their deck. First, many decks have Revive or Tsumamigui to pluck discards; they won't help against Cammy's Spy. Second, you have to pay attention to the hiragana/katakana that flashes by to see who just got sent to your draw pile. Third, unless you have a card that shuffles or sifts through your deck, say goodbye to that card.

Who got these card ? no one :(

Comments : none

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