Rarity B
Number C021
BP 500
SP +4

Haya-Gake (Sudden Neck Breaker)
When there is only one enemy card left, they cannot counter-attack
Backup : Cody, Haggar

Advice : UY if he attacks, but can counter anyone else who is attacking. (***«) Do not be confused with 'gai' from SNK's BURIKI-ONE. GUY is a decent low/mid-level card with a very useless ability. Enemy characters cannot counter GUY, but they can counter anyone else who is attacking. There are mainly 2 opportunities to use this ability: (1) When you go first and play GUY as your first card, the enemy must play Shermie to stop your attack. Or (2), when the enemy has fewer HP than GUY has BP and only one available defender. In CFC2, Guy has better stats and has made up with Cody & Haggar at the loss of his unofficial history with Rose. Now Guy comes with enough SP to use Awakening after being placed doing 800 damage if he attacks at the start of the fight.

Who got these card ? no one :(

Comments : none

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