Rarity B
Number C027
BP 500
SP +2

Doshta Doshta! (What Gives?)
Decreases enemy's SP by 6.
Backup : Blanka, Robert, Mr.Karate

Advice : Doshta Doshta? He is the MAN for he is DAN- DAN- DAN HIBIKI! Oyajii~! I now consider Dan to be a good mid-level character because his special ability is actually nastier in CFC2. Nothing's changed for Dan, but because SP is much more important in this game, reducing your opponent's is much more useful. Dan works great if you can combine him with cards like Yuki or Regina to prevent high BP cards like Pyron that can give lots of SP. Dan still xhelps Jimmy aka Blanka (who've thunk those two would end up being friends) and Mr.Karate (perhaps mistaking him as an uncle), but now instead of getting help from Ryo, now it's Robert (you can't see the irony, can you?) and Yuri.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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