Rarity C
Number C028
BP 500
SP +3

Sakura Ganbaru (Sakura Fighting Spirit: the 2 vol. comic by Gamest)
BP doubled if player's life is at 1000 or less.
Backup : Hinata, Shingo

Advice : Sakura will be a staple in your deck for a while, moreso if you have the Capcom deck. Sakura will be more helpful in your 2000 HP fights, as you don't want to be below 1000 HP if you're up against the 3000 HP card-fighters. While she's no longer helping ten different cards, she's still helping 7; a record held by only six other cards. (Gouki, Yang, Heidern, Chin Gensai, Akari (S), Jae Hoon) Plus, Sakura is still part of the school gang with Hinata and Shingo.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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