Rarity D
Number C034
BP 400
SP +0

Psycho Charge Alpha
Discard a character from your hand; gain its SP.
Backup : Vega (M.Bison), Juni, Mature

Advice : She now looks better than her sociopathic counter-part and the two have a strange difference. Juli is the stronger of the two, but requires a 'sacrifice' to give SP, an ability that puzzles me for two reasons: (1.) Even if you don't have space to put down a weak card that gives you SP, by using this ability, Juli is frozen. (2.) Wasn't she supposed to have Psycho Charge Beta? I guess this was another change when she lost her SFZ3/SFA3 connection to T.Hawk. Like Juni, Juli will be dead weight, even as fodder for Vega/M.Bison, around the middle of the game.

Who got these card ? no one :(

Comments : none

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