Rarity C
Number C039
BP 400
SP +3

TENGU Ishi (Tengu Stone)
BP increases by 100 each time you turn starts.
Backup : Ryu, Chin Gensai

Advice : Looks weak at first, but the longer he's out, the tougher he gets. Wow did his ability go from WOAH to BLOWS. Thankfully, Oro doesn't suck as a card, but I'm seriously considering if he's half-a-star better than Gai. Originally, Oro's card would gain 100 BP each time the opponent drew a card; if it had stayed like that, Oro would be godly if you had E.Honda or Jhun Hoon in play. Now, Oro gains BP MUCH more slowly. NOTE because this ability kicks in at the start of your next turn, being in a United Combo does NOT affect this ability.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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