Rarity B
Number C051
BP 700
SP +5

Ubaste Aberu (Life Sucker)
Damage she does to the opponent's HP is added to your HP.
Backup : Mai

Advice : Well, Morrigan is no longer the best card ever. It is now much harder to directly damage opponents with a high BP character, so only if Morrigan is weakened (or you wiped out the opponent's field at once someone) will you be able to use her ability. Try to do what you can to force the enemy to choose between a high BP attacker (such as Haohmaru) or Morrigan; this may require a few Reparation ACs to do, but one strike from her and the tides of battle can change instantly as you deal damage and heal your own. I feel awkward that Mai backs her up instead of Lilith now.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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