Aulbath (Rikuo)
Rarity D
Number C060
BP 400
SP +1

Mizu no Uruoi (Wet Water)
Anyone receiving back-up gains 200 BP.
Backup : Genjurou, Sougetsu

Advice : Still a great card, especially if you hold Sougetsu and Genjurou. While no longer the 400/4 card from CFC1, Aulbath's ability can seriously beef up a deck that relies on back-ups until you find Natsu; just make sure the enemy doesn't benefit more than you do. (STILL don't know where the names 'Rikuo'/'Aulbath' come from) (Wikipedia places Rikuo as a pun on the actor in Creature from the Black Lagoon, but searches on Orubasu lead to ORange BATHingsuit)

Who got these card ? no one :(

Comments : none

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