Lei Lei (Hsien-ko)
Rarity C
Number C063
BP 600
SP +2

Anki (Dark Weapon)
Shuffle Lei Lei and your hand back into your deck; draw three cards.
Backup : Zabel (Raptor), Yamazaki, Xiang Fei

Advice : Aiyaa! The Chinese Ghost has had a major overhaul. She has been changed from a team-player into a bruiser card that forms a team with Xiang Fei. Still, high BP for a card and she still gives 2 SP. Lei Lei/Rei Rei/Hsein-ko (and to make it more confusing, her ofuda- slash-sister Lin Lin; how did she get so many names?) even has a power that's somewhat useful. You don't discard your hand, but shuffle it back into your deck (along with Lei Lei) unlike Mai's ability. It's a toss-up though as three cards isn't much.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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