Rarity C
Number C065
BP 500
SP +4

Shimabe no Akashi (P.D.C.)
Draw one card when he damages enemy directly.
Backup : Q-Bee, Lilith, Bousou (Wild) Iori

Advice : Not so strange that the misundersood Jet Black Vampire Savior helps misunderstood dreg Iori, but why is he getting help from the crazed sociopath Bousou (Wild) Iori? While harder to get a direct hit, his P.D.C. (Prova di Cervo / Shimabe no Akashi) is a good power. Another benefit is that he's another character that can be backed up by Q-Bee, who when played will search through your deck to add up to 2 Q-Bees into your hand (one for her, one for him!).

Who got these card ? no one :(

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