Bulleta (B.B.Hood)
Rarity A
Number C066
BP 500
SP +3

RINGO Bakudan (Apple for You)
KO's a single enemy character, then shuffle B.B.Hood into your deck.
Backup : Galon

Advice : A very, VERY kick-ass ability. It does randomize your deck some more, but the fact that you've just pulled a Double KO without spending SP #and# while keeping the bounty hunter sometimes known as Bulleta ALIVE so she can do it again has to warm the cockles of your heart. What prevents B.B. from getting a higher grade is that her stats are only above-average. Still though, even in the hard-hitting late game, getting a free KO is still getting a free KO. No idea why she's getting help from someone she'd hunt; Rush might have been a more logical choice (Marvel VS Capcom 2; B.B. vs Mega).

Who got these card ? no one :(

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