Rarity D
Number C068
BP 400
SP +2

Hitotsu Ni Naruno (Becoming One)
All discarded characters are shuffled back into the deck.
Backup : Morrigan, Shingo

Advice : Now with 2 SP! Lilith is still a great -rank card, though the randomization is somewhat annoying. Lilith's a strange card to grade: she's better later on when you want to put powerhouses back into your deck rather than early when you don't want to shuffle the weaker cards back in. Remember to keep Laundry and Shopping to pick up the odd AC in your discard pile (and Lilith should she end up there). Try not to have more than one Lilith card in your deck due to over-recycling weenies. Strangely, Lilith only helps Jedah now and receives back-up from Shingo (instead of Morrigan), hah?

Who got these card ? no one :(

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