Jin Saotome
Rarity A
Number C073
BP 800
SP +4

Saotome Dynamite
KO this character, then KO 1 enemy character.
Backup : Blodia, Blodia, Blodia

Advice : He's still Jin Saotome, walking 800 BP Double KO card. And he still gives 4 SP. And he can be obtained through battle like a regular card. Jin can give and take damage, and if his BP gets too low, can KO himself, making space for another card, while taking an enemy down with him. 2-3 of him. Deck. ASAP. Granted, there are now many new ways to stop 800 BP cards, Jin is too valuable to pass up. He is an excellent defender & gives lots of SP.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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