Zero Gouki
Rarity A
Number C075
BP 1500
SP +0

Giga Crush
You must show the opponent your hand and discard any AC & RE cards.
Backup : Gouki

Advice : Just like Geese, Zero Gouki has been given a significant penalty. Losing non-character cards alone is bad, but you also show off your hand and get no SP. It wouldn't be so bad if you had a killer hand and Zero Gouki was the icing on the cake. Using Zero Gouki before the end of the game isn't a bad idea, as decks won't have cards like Bousou Iori or Regina; things that target cards with 800+ BP. If you keep one for later, it's best used at the start or as back-up. Oh Zero G., what a pale shadow you've become from your Cyberbots incarnation. (Capcom's most popular 2D Robot Fighting Game!)

Who got these card ? no one :(

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