Mukuro (Kenji)
Rarity D
Number C077
BP 400
SP +1

Mittei (Espionage)
Draw a card from the enemy's deck; toss a hand card into their trash.
Backup : Shou (Ginsu), Hanzo, Zantetsu

Advice : Mukuro/Kenji is quote like Mukuro on the SNK side, looking at his stats you would think he was a sub-par card. However, his ability is quick devastating if you pick up a good card. True that unless they used something like Saki or Hotaru's ability, you won't know what's on top, but if they have a better deck you won't mind. Even if they have a weak deck, you can throw the card you picked up into their trash. Kenji's good enough to be put in a mid-game deck, a decking deck, or a team-based deck.

Who got these card ? no one :(

Comments : none

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