Rarity B
Number C098
BP 600
SP +0

Kuchibue (Whistle)
Put a card with 100-500 BP from your deck to your hand; shuffle deck.
Backup : Sodom, Rolento

Advice : Faithful Damnd, his ability is pretty worthwhile if you've got lots of 500 BP guys with useful abilities left in your deck that you want out sooner. Damnd's 600 BP is good too, still wish he gave SP. Because you now choose who's going to your hand, Damnd acts like he does in Final Fight: calling in weaker jobbers for your enemy to beat up. But don't under-estimate the abilities that some cards with 500 BP or less posess. Guys Takato and E.Honda can easily help you stall or draw more powerful cards while Rock H. and Akari (P) are still 500 BP.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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