Rarity B
Number C099
BP 700
SP +4

Captain Corridor
Freezes himself and then gives 400 damage to all Frozen characters.
Backup : Shou (Ginsu), Gennety (Mack), Fuuba (Baby)

Advice : A very powerful card by himself, 700 BP and 4 SP is great for a card, but his ability (sort of like the Crush AC) is a little iffy. You have to wait until the enemy does something (so they're still frozen your turn), but this is a great way to weaken several enemies at once. Cap.Com. might even be able to do it again and wipe them all out (possibly himself too) simultaneously. Still, a good card to consider for his BP/SP anyway. Too bad this time around, the Captain is too selfish to GIVE help. How do you translate 'Captain KOREDA~'? Sounds like he's just shouting his own entrance: 'Captain, kore da!'

Who got these card ? no one :(

Comments : none

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