Rock (Mega) Man
Rarity B
Number C107
BP 600
SP +5

Teki no Uryoku (Enemy's Ability)
Steal the ability of any one character card in the ring.
Backup : Roll-chan, Rush

Advice : One of the greatest cards you can find early on. He gives a big 5 SP, has a nice 600 BP, which should really just be great on their own, but the Blue Bomber has one more trick up his arm cannon: he can steal, not duplicate, but REMOVE the ability from the target card and give it to himself. This means that the 'bot known once again as Rock could remove annoying abilities from your enemy, even Enemy Ability from a Rock Man on the other side. It could also remove annoying abilities from your own heavy hitters like Iori's Blood Contract cutting the 1000 BP monster loose.

Who got these card ? no one :(

Comments : none

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