Rarity C
Number C108
BP 400
SP +4

Roll Buster
Decreases all characters' BP (including this one) 200 pts.
Backup : Rock (Mega) Man, Rush

Advice : Rock n'Roll isn't one of the game's stronger combinations. Roll is still fair to keep if you want to back Mega Man up. Her Roll Buster has the potential of hitting 3 enemies, but try to make sure you don't have that many on your side. Early in the game, 200 damage should really annoy the enemy. Later on, wait until you see Ryu (BF). Compared to SNK's Zantetsu Roll-chan has more HP, gives 4 SP, and has it as a command attack instead of an auto-attack, she's much better liked. Unfortunately Roll-chan's team isn't as strong as Claire's.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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