Mech Zangief
Rarity A
Number C120
BP 1200
SP +5

Bousou (Reckless)
KOs another ACTIVE character in your ring.
Backup : Zangief

Advice : 1200 BP #and# 5 SP is special enough. Mech and Krauser are the only two cards that can do this. Now you can win multiple copies of each, though they will rare wins from tough fights. Just like Krauser, Mech Z's Bousou forces him to KO someone else in the ring if he can, but this is not always a bad thing; think of it as an opportunity to clear weakened cards out. If you can, keep multiple copies of Krauser & Mech Zangief, but beware of cards like Yuki or Terry B. who target high BP cards.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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