Cody (D)
Rarity S
Number C126
BP 300
SP +5

Bad Stone
All single attackers with 300 BP or less cannot be countered.
Backup : GUY, Chang, Choi

Advice : Yes, his power affects BOTH sides. I'm not sure whether to put the Street Fighter Alpha/Zero version of Cody as a mid-level or post- game group. His ability is slightly unpredictable as you can only guess at the pandemonium it can cause. If your 300 BP cards are attacking, you better have someone unfrozen left to defend against the enemy attack. The best scenario I can imagine this power being used is if the opponent only has 100 BP characters and you only have 300 BP ones. A Chun Li card would make getting that easier.

Who got these card ? no one :(

Comments : none

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