Rarity C
Number C135
BP 500
SP +2

KATSU AGE (Gimmie Your Money!)
Steals the power of the enemy opposite him.
Backup : Daigo, Benimaru

Advice : Son of the upstatnding Yamadas, Eiji is a knife-weilding psycho. However, he is a SKILLED knife-weilding psycho. His ability is a slightly watered-down version of Rock (Mega) Man's ability. It's better since Edge does it coming in. While Edge requires actual space that's opposite to the ability you want to steal, try to work him in. It's great for ridding the field of an ability that's cramping you and not your opponent, like Nicotine's that stops you from using -abilities. If the opponent attacks you, counter with Edge and let him get KO'd, taking that ability with him.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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