Rarity A
Number C153
BP 300
SP +5

Musen Renraku (Radio Transmitter)
All 800+ BP cards return to hands at the end of your attack phase.
Backup : Omokane Saki

Advice : If a card has been raised to 800 BP or higher, they must return to their respective hand and discard their back-ups. Can be useful to push back high BP cards; or to reuse them like say Bousou Leona! Of course, so can your opponent. Remember that if either player powers a card to 800 or more BP, they can still attack with it. Something your opponents can do and you can't, beucase the return happens at the end of your turn, is that they can summon a high BP character (that may give extra SP) just for the purposes of blocking one of your attacks. That card will then return to your opponent's hand if not destroyed as soon as your attack is done. Regina is somewhat of a loner card, an epitome of the survival horror of Dino Crisis.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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