Rarity C
Number S006
BP 500
SP +3

Kyou Iku! (Training!)
Unfreeze a character on your field.
Backup : Kim Sue-Il, (Kim) Dong Hwan, (Kim) Jae Hoon

Advice : Wow, did Kim get re-worked. The destroyer of Evil and protector of Justice has gotten a little rusty as of late. Paired up with a card with a strong ability, like Joe, Kim can double their effectiveness. While weaker, Kim's potential is fully tapped if he's part of back-up based deck. If you collect all the Kim's, they'll be a family tree to be reckoned with. As he stands, Kim can back up a record-setting TEN different cards on his own making him highly useful at the start of the game.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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