Rarity B
Number S025
BP 600
SP +5

Discards entire hand to pick 1 card from your deck. That card is your
Backup : Yuri, Sagat, Adon

Advice : ew hand. Shuffle deck. (***«) I love this Mui-Thai kickboxing bar-owner (as do 6 other cards; three less than the previous game), and because her SP boost has increased, she makes for a decent character. With +5 SP, her ability is now more reasonable if you wanted an AC or RE card. While you still discard your entire hand, there are more cards that will let you draw more (Son Son, for example) or pick the trash (like Modoru no Jia). Unlike Saki & Management, you don't have to show off which card you picked.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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