Nakoruru (T)
Rarity B
Number S036
BP 600
SP +4

SHIKURUU no Kiba (Shikuroo's Fang)
At the end of your turn, all frozen enemy characters take 200 damage.
Backup : Rimururu (T), Rush

Advice : Equally as good as her chilvarous goody-two-shoes counter-part, Bust/Treachery (how did SNK US come up with BUST & SLASH?) Nakoruru packs a mean offensive punch: any enemy found frozen weakens itself 200 BP thanks to her wild wolf. Great to place after an enemy attacks or after something like Puppet, Yamazaki, or Rimururu (T)'s Konril! Play multiples of her and watch the damage from Shikuroo stack! A passive ability means the CPU won't target her as aggressively; keep her alive and watch the enemy slowly die!

Who got these card ? no one :(

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