Rarity A
Number S077
BP 700
SP +2

Jet Counter (Counterblow)
Returns the opponent's card in front of him to the enemy's hand.
Backup : Shermie, Chris, Q

Advice : Team Orochi LIVES. Yashiro used to be one of the greatest cards available, but since he only uses his ability on the card in front of him you'll find it more difficult to use Yashiro's J.Counter. Players and the CPU alike will try to put their power-cards in front of weenies to avoid abilities like Yashiro's. Yashiro still can help reverse the tide of battle if you're starting second though. Even if you can't knock someone away the Orochi of the Earth is great to put in a back-up based deck. Again, do not send back a card like Gouki.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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