Akari (S)
Rarity B
Number S092
BP 500
SP +4

Henje Hitokata (One-Way Morph)
Discard 1 character from hand with a ability and activate it.
Backup : Juzo, Rouge

Advice : A valuable card for her stats and her friendliness more than her funky ability. Akari (S) has strong stats just like Akari (P), but helps more cards out, so it is useful to have a few in your deck. Akari (S)'s power is probably best used on weaker cards (like Gen or Asra or Galford) which might not be in your deck after awhile. Sometimes, especially if your side of the ring is full, you may want to dump a strong card from your hand just to use their ability, like Wild Iori's Kurf. If you back-up Akari (S) with Juzo and Rouge, then One-Way Morph Sakura, you've just bumped Akari (S)'s BP up to 2200, that's only 1100 points shy of the maximum BP a card can get! Your HP must be 1000 or less to do this of course. If you had spare Daigo and Maki cards and your enemy's ring was full while yours was empty...

Who got these card ? no one :(

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