Rarity B
Number S105
BP 500
SP +5

PONTA no HASUBA (Ponta Leaf)
Discard a character from your hand. Akari's BP is that of the card.
Backup : Kuroko (the Ump), Ibuki

Advice : No longer a rare card, her ability can mean she can keep her BP up indefinetly as long as you have cards in your hand. 5 SP points is also a good deal. Akari is a great way to deal with those Bloodia or Genjurou cards in your deck. If you want to use Akari's ability to its fullest, put Geese and Zero Gouki cards in your hand as well. In later fights, Akari will most likely get herself KO'd before she can use Ponta Leaf.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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