Rarity C
Number S108
BP 600
SP +2

Sagattena! (Get back!)
Sends a card in your ring (including Rosa) back to hand.
Backup : Hayate, Carol, Daigo

Advice : A good, balanced card to have at the start of the game, Rosa also works well with a lot of cards, though they don't all form a cohesive unit. Rosa's ability and stats maker her identical to Capcom's Rain. Because Yashiro's ability no longer can send your own cards back to your hand, I've had to re-evaluate Rain and Rosa's ability. While they are a free Escape card that can send a weakened defender, or card with an annoying -ability you want to turn off, or a card with a -ability you want to re-use, or because you want to free up a specific slot on your field, this ability is much more useful. However, because you MUST send a card back to your hand, it's still annoying if you just want to continue a non-stop offense.

Who got these card ? no one :(

Comments : none

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