Rarity D
Number S127
BP 300
SP +1

Lilien Knights
Put a 100-300 BP card from your deck into your hand; shuffle deck.
Backup : Rosa, Tron, Ruby Heart

Advice : Not a bad card to hate at the start. You can call heavy-hitters like Bishamon, Duck King, or Samonosuke on the field; they start off at 300 BP but can quickly power-up upon entering. You can summon Alfred or Hokutomaru for a quick attack. Son Son or Zombie might just save your skin. Later on, you can set up Ruby Heart, Cody (D), and Shiki (S). If things are getting hairly, pick Mukuro, Yuki, or Regina. Unfortunately, our young piratess should be replaced by the time you collect her backups. Or get Damnd who can call 100-500 BP cards.

Who got these card ? no one :(

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