Jhun Hoon
Rarity C
Number S147
BP 500
SP +4

Opponent draws 3 cards.
Backup : Kim, Seth

Advice : Good stats, and he belongs in Kim's Tae-Kwon Do club now with only 50% prison convicts. Seriously though, overlook his ability unless you're going to use it to set up Rock H.'s ability. If you're pairing him up with Joe to try and deck your opponent, there are two scenarios you should observe. The first is the easiest: make sure the enemy has no SP and a filled ring so they can't use any cards you're forcing them to draw with Bromide. Second scenario is to make sure you've got a few Fight! cards and Kim is there to help Jhun Hoon re-use Bromide; you could be forcing the enemy to draw 8-16 cards away. (S.Upper, Bromide, Training!, Bromide, Fight!, repeat)

Who got these card ? no one :(

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